Dialogue and relationship building

Grupa Azoty S.A. operates in a dynamically changing environment. The wide scope of the company's operations, as well as the expectations of various groups of shareholders all result in effective cooperation which can only be based on dialogue – two-way communication.

Managing the Company means skilfully managing resources, which is impossible without efficient communication and the reason why dialogue and relationship-building comprises one of the three pillars of “Azoty Tarnów Sustainable Development Strategy for 2011-2016.

Good communication and responsible treatment of clients, employees, business partners and local communities all serve as testimony to the Company's care for its immediate surroundings. Grupa Azoty S.A. adapts communication activities to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, thanks to which they are lasting and partnership-based. The Company's aims arising from implementing “Azoty Tarnów Sustainable Development Strategy for 2011-2016” include the following in this area:

  • adopting a form of dialogue with each key stakeholder group,
  • building effective communication,
  • developing and implementing a code of ethics.

The Company constantly runs and improves communication activities which are being adapted to meet its stakeholders needs and expectations at an ever higher level.

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