Sustainable production

Sustainable production is the main pillar of Grupa Azoty S.A.' s sustainable development. The character of the Company's operations entails its daily interaction with the natural environment.

This is why the Company, aware of the potential consequences, strives to minimize its impact on the environment.
The fundamental principle is running production processes in a responsible and safe manner. Care for the natural environment and an open information policy have been priority issues for Grupa Azoty S.A. for years now.

The Company's aims to accomplish as set out in the "Grupa Azoty S.A. Sustainable Development Strategy for 2013-2020" include the following in this area: 
  • minimalizing impact on the natural environment,
  • offering safe products,
  • building ecological awareness among the Company's stakeholders.
Achievement of these objectives is possible owing to the good practices and internal regulations already in existence at the Company. The company comprehensively manages the safety and quality of products on offer throughout their entire life cycle – from the design stage, through production and application, all the way until withdrawal from the market. Grupa Azoty S.A. pays attention to safety from the moment of qualifying suppliers, who undergo audits verifying their quality and environmental management systems.

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