Management Policy


We add life to the land, and colour to life. Thanks to the experience gained and competencies developed we make chemistry safe and useful to people. We constantly strive to increase the value of Grupa Azoty, making effective use of all synergies and innovations.


By the end of the decade, we will:

  • be listed on the main index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • ensure that Shareholders of the companies from Grupa Azoty obtain one of the highest returns on capital invested in the industry,
  • maintain our position as one of Europe’s three largest fertilizer manufacturers.

To perform the adopted mission we have set the following strategic objectives: 

  • increasing the scale of the Group’s operations through internal growth as well as alliances, M&As in Poland and abroad,
  • deepening the integration among the Group’s entities in order to maximise synergies,
  • reducing the Group’s vulnerability to energy costs through the application of efficient technological and energy solutions,
  • decreasing vulnerability to fluctuating economic cycles as well as prices of natural gas and petrochemical raw materials through extending product chains,
  • lowering production costs through the modernisation of main production lines,
  • forging stable and effective customer relations, increasing awareness of the Group’s leading brands and optimising logistics and product distribution systems,
  • increasing the effectiveness of key processes while securing and effectively managing intellectual capital,
  • ongoing adaptation of product quality and range to customer requirements,
  • related diversification through the application of synergies including elements of the current product portfolio,
  • ongoing improvement of products through the application of innovative technologies.

The companies from Grupa Azoty pursue their strategic objectives based on management systems compliant with the highest international standards. Priorities of our operations such as high quality, care for technical safety and environment, food health safety, minimising damage to the environment and customer priority are properly controlled and guarantee effective management.

When performing our activities we always act in accordance with legal and other regulations and we continuously improve the effects of our operations as well as minimise the hazard they create.

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