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Grupa Azoty S.A.’s website in the finals of the Golden Website Award competition
On April 16th 2015, the Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG) published the results of the second stage of the Golden Website Award competition.
Grupa Azoty Group to build its largest project to date
With its new project worth PLN 1.7bn, the largest in its history, the Grupa Azoty Group confirms it is ready to deliver on its ambitious plans for domestic and international expansion.
Bring your questions to our investor webchat
Please be informed that a webchat will be held on Friday, March 27th 2015, at 10:00am, in which Andrzej Skolmowski, Vice-President of the Grupa Azoty Management Board (finance) will be answering your questions about the company's current situation and growth prospects in the context of the recently published financial results for 2014 year.
Grupa Azoty's financial results for 2014
For 2014, the Grupa Azoty Group reported revenue close to PLN 9.9bn (2013: PLN 9.8bn) and net profit of PLN 265m (2013: PLN 245m, net of one-off items).
Grupa Azoty has established a Rescue Education Centre
The Grupa Azoty Rescue Education Centre – CERGA is a modern unit responsible for cyclic and specialist training of firefighters and chemical rescuers working for Grupa Azoty.
Global Concern UOP Will Provide Technologies for the PDH Unit in Police
Grupa Azoty Police has chosen a global provider of the most innovative industrial technologies – UOP, belonging to Honeywell.