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Grupa Azoty partners 78th edition of Tour de Pologne
Grupa Azoty, a leading fertilizer and chemical company, has become a partner of Stage 4 of the Tour de Pologne bicycle race, from Grupa Azoty’s site in Tarnów to Bukovina Resort. The honorary start of the stage is scheduled for August 12th, when the riders will set off from under Grupa Azoty’s Head Office in Tarnów. 
Grupa Azoty supports fight against pandemic
Since the very onset of the pandemic, the Grupa Azoty Group has been actively involved in supporting various institutions combating COVID-19. Already in mid-March 2020, the management and supervisory boards of each of the Group’s key companies decided to donate PLN 750 thousand (per company) for that purpose.
Grupa Azoty to organise summer camp for children affected by Nowa Biała fire
Grupa Azoty S.A. has declared it would provide support to residents affected by the Nowa Biała fire by organising and funding a summer camp for their children. The summer camp will run from late July to early August, with 25 children invited to participate. Detailed arrangements are being made with the Kraków Provincial Office and the Kraków Education Authority.
Winner announced in Grupa Azoty’s ‘We care for the Polish land’ lottery
In the fourth edition of the ‘We care for the Polish land’ customer lottery run by Grupa Azoty, the grand prize, a John Deere 5058E tractor, went to Radosław from Orłowiny. The prize was presented to the winner by Tomasz Hinc, President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A., and Piotr Żyła, the ski jumping world champion supported by Grupa Azoty on his way to sporting success.
Grupa Azoty calls for level playing field for EU and non-EU producers with regard to climate policy costs
Grupa Azoty, one of the leaders of the fertilizer and chemical industry, is taking active steps to transition towards zero- and low-emission technologies. For the green transition to be fully effective and possible, it is essential that EU and non-EU producers compete on an equal footing with regard to climate policy costs. If the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) prepared by the European Commission is to bring the expected effect, it is necessary to maintain free emission allowances. Otherwise, the position of non-EU companies that do not apply the same high environmental and climate protection standards will be strengthened. The most pressing requirements in this respect were put forward by Grupa Azoty during a meeting of the representatives of Fertilizers Europe with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission.
Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY opens a granulated fertilizer plant
On June 11th, Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY brought online a granulated fertilizer plant. Apart from the production lines, it includes Poland's most modern packing and seasoning facilities. The first production line was commissioned in July 2020, and now the plant has started continuous production of fertilizers. This means completion of one of the largest fertilizer projects in Poland in recent years, which guarantees not only top quality products but also new jobs created at the Grupa Azoty plants in Puławy.