Grupa Kapitałowa Grupa Azoty
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Management Policy


We build the value of Grupa Azoty and the Polish economy with safe and useful chemistry based on innovations.


Grupa Azoty will implement modern and comprehensive solutions, which meet the expectations of our stakeholders, in chemical industry.

Grupa Azoty is:

  • the stimulus to the development of the national chemical industry and related branches,
  • the basis for the development of the product chain in the domestic chemical sector,
  • an opportunity to reduce national trade deficit in the area of chemicals,
  • the leader in the development of R&D&I in the domestic chemical sector and associated industries,
  • a platform for cooperation with State Treasury companies.

To accomplish our mission, we have set the following strategic objectives:

  • completing the Grupa Azoty Group consolidation process,
  • strengthening the position among the leaders in agricultural solutions in Europe,
  • strengthening the second operational pillar through developing non-fertiliser activities,
  • generating and implementing innovations being the leverage of the chemical sector development.

The Group companies pursue strategic objectives based on management systems conforming to the highest international standards. Operating priorities, such as high quality, care for technical safety and environmental protection, health safety of food, process safety, reducing environmental losses, improving energy efficiency, giving priority to customers, are efficiently supervised and ensure effective management.
In the operations, the Group complies with all applicable laws and regulations and strives to constantly improve the results of its activities, while minimising the associated risks.