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Dividend Policy

With the execution of ambitious investment projects in mind, which would support Grupa Azoty’s business growth and ensure the highest level of long-term financial security, the Company decided not to set a lower limit for the dividend payout ratio, and to maintain the upper limit at 60%.

The overarching goal underlying the Group's financial structure is to provide long-term financial security and full internal coherence of its overall funding.

The implementation of a comprehensive investment program and the risk of economic downturn is reflected in the waiver of the lower threshold of the dividend payout. As a consequence, in duly justified cases the dividend payment will not be recommended by the Management Board.

Paid out dividends

TitleThe dividend record dateThe dividend payment dateRetained earningsTotal dividend amountDividend per share
Dividend for 2017July 25th 2018August 8th 2018
PLN 354,793,000PLN 123,994,355.00PLN 1.25
Dividend for 2016August 4th 2017August 23rd 2017
PLN 224,775,000PLN 78,364,432,36PLN 0.79
Dividend for 2015June 20th 2016July 11th 2016
PLN 209,055,000PLN 83,324,206,56PLN 0.84
Dividend for 2013June 18th 2014July 9th 2014PLN 44,117,000PLN 19,839,096.80PLN 0.20
Dividend for 2012April 22nd 2013
May 24th 2013
PLN 250,692,000PLN 148,793,226PLN 1.50
Dividend for 2008
June 26th 2009
part 1: August 31st 2009part 2: November 6th 2009PLN 61,935,000
PLN 39,898,749.42
PLN 1.02