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Below are listed shareholders holding directly, or indirectly through subsidiaries, at least 5% of total voting rights at the General Meeting, along with information on the number of shares held by such entities, their respective ownership interests, the number of voting rights held, and their share in total voting rights at the General Meeting.

The actual state of the shareholding may differ from the one presented if there were no events imposing an obligation on the shareholder to disclose the new state of ownership or despite the occurrence of such events, the shareholder did not provide relevant information.

ShareholderNumber of sharesShare in capitalNumber of votesShare in total number of votes
State Treasury32.734.50933.00%32.734.50933.00%
Norica Holding S.à.r.l. (indirectly 19.82%)406.9980.41%406.9980.41%
Opansa Enterprises Limited*9.430.0009.51%9.430.0009.51%
Rainbee Holdings Limited*9.820.3529.90%9.820.3529.90%
ING OFE (Open Pension Fund)9.883.3239.96%9.883.3239.96%
TFI PZU S.A.8.530.1898.60%8.530.1898.60%

* company directly controlled by Norica Holding S.à r.l.


  • AA and B Series Shares - 39 116 421
  • C Series Shares - 24 999 023
  • D Series Shares - 35 080 040
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