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How much dividend will Grupa Azoty pay?See more

A decision on payment of dividend and its amount will be made by the Annual General Meeting. Notice of the Meeting will be published by the Company in a separate current report. For information on General Meetings, see

Under the Strategy for 2021–2030, Grupa Azoty plans to distribute dividend at a level of at least 40% of consolidated net profit once the strategic capex programme (including projects designed to drive the Group’s energy transition) is completed. The payment of dividend in a given year will depend on the Group’s financial position and current investment needs.

The Strategy is available on the Company's website at: 

When do you intend to publish the annual report?See more

Pursuant to §80  point 1 of The Ordinance of the Minister of Finance dated 29th March 2018 on current and periodic information to be published by issuers of securities and on the conditions under which such information may be recognized as being equivalent to information required by the regulations of law of a state which is not a member state,  the Company submits a current report with publication dates of interim reports by the end of the first month of the financial year.

The current publication dates of interim reports are available in the calendar of key events on the website of Grupa Azoty. All changes to publication dates are submitted by the Company in current reports.

Does the Company plan to conduct a chat with the Chairman of the Management Board? If so, when?See more

The company organizes a quarterly meeting with the Vice President of the Management Board responsible, among others for finance in the form of an investor chat giving the opportunity to ask questions of representatives of Grupa Azoty in real time - e.g. in the form of a chat - about which we inform you via Grupa Azoty's website and mailing.

Are financial data available on the Company's website in a file for editing which I can download to my computer?See more

On the Azoty Group website, in the Investor Relations tab, Financial Information section, we present selected financial data and financial ratios for both consolidated and separate statements, in editable files.

Direct links to the data:

Do you hold open meetings/presentations, meetings with the Management Board or one-on-one meetings?See more

We make every effort to facilitate communication between Grupa Azoty and capital market participants. To this end, Grupa Azoty holds conferences after publishing its periodic reports which present and discuss the financial performance of the Company and the Group, publishes presentations on its website in Investor Relation tab and  results center. Summarises its results on Twitter. 

Grupa Azoty representatives also meet investors at one-on-one meetings and roadshows, and take part in conferences and meetings organised by capital market institutions.

In the current pandemic situation, meetings take place in a remote or hybrid formula.

Since its IPO, Grupa Azoty holds annual meetings with retail investors during the Wall Street conference organised by the Association of Individual Investors, as agreed by the Management Board. Retail investors can also communicate with the Management Board at online chat sessions, which we make sure to hold regularly and which are constantly popular with our shareholders.

In addition, our Investor Relations Team is ready to respond to phone and email queries. Contact details are available on the website.

Are you planning to publish financial performance forecasts for the following year?See more

According to the rules adopted by the Management Board, Grupa Azoty S.A. does not release financial performance forecasts.

What are the supply sources of feedstocks and materials? What are the types and quantities (in tonnes per annum) of feedstocks and materials used? What are the types and quantities of recycled feedstocks and materials used? How much energy and water is used? What types of energy are used?See more

All information on feedstocks and materials, types thereof, as well as supply sources is available in periodic reports published by the Company. Summary information on feedstocks and materials is also included in presentations. And:

„Polimery Police” projectSee more

Grupa Azoty Polyolefins (until October 8, 2019 - PDH Polska S.A.), a special purpose vehicle of the Grupa Azoty Group, is responsible for the implementation of the Polimery Police project - one of the largest investments in the chemical industry. As a result of the project implementation, an installation for the production of propylene and polypropylene with auxiliary installations and accompanying infrastructure will be created, as well as a port terminal with a base of raw material tanks. The general contractor of the project is Hyundai, selected in the tender for implementation. The commencement of commercial operation is planned for the first quarter of 2023

Budget: $ 1,838 million

Production capacities:

  • propylene 429 000 tonnes per year;
  • polypropylene 437 000 tonnes per year.

Share capital of the company is PLN 922,968,300.

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StrategySee more

The new Grupa Azoty Group Strategy for 2021-2030 was published on October 28, 2021. The presentation of the Strategy is available on the website at:

What is the total capex figure assumed for Grupa Azoty in the new strategy until 2030? See more

In addition to capex projects paving the way for Grupa Azoty’s transition towards the European Green Deal, a number of investments are also in the pipeline to diversify the Group’s product portfolio and optimise production processes. For more details, see the 2021–2030 Long-Term Investment Plan, which is updated on an ongoing basis as our business environment evolves.

What could be the biggest challenge to successful delivery of your strategy?See more

Volatility of the regulatory environment. The condition of European industry in general, not only of the chemical industry, will be driven in the coming years as much by the business and market landscape as by the regulatory environment. Our ESG strategy and our growth options, like nuclear power, hinge on the adoption of new effective regulations.

Have you chosen a partner for the nuclear power project?See more

We are a large and diversified Group. To start with, we will analyse the global and European regulatory environment, which is not ready yet for local-scale captive nuclear power projects. As regards our partner for that project, we will obviously let you know as soon as we have made our choice.

During the period covered by the strategy, what will be the share of the fertilizer segment and the other segments in the Grupa Azoty’s revenue and EBITDA?See more

As part of its investment projects, Grupa Azoty is striving to diversify its business so as to deliver stable financial performance. One of these projects is Polimery Police, which will strengthen the Plastics segment while maintaining a well-balanced contribution of the individual segments across Grupa Azoty.

What are your major growth projects in the pipeline?See more

The Strategy of Grupa Azoty defines the directions of our growth, also through investments. In addition to Polimery Police, our flagship investment during the first years of by the Strategy period, as well as the “Green Azoty” projects, we will focus our capex projects on selected Business Segments: AGRO, Plastics and Chemicals. The Energy segment, which is and will remain our Strategic Business Area, will also be given due attention.

What is the potential of the growing hydrogen market? How can you get involved in this market and cash in on hydrogen?See more

We are Poland’s largest hydrogen producer and Europe’s major player.We want to play a part in the production-transport-storage-marketing value chain. In two locations, we have already adapted our hydrogen sources for the purposes of hydrogen transport. The “Green Azoty” project also assumes larger hydrogen production volumes based on conventional methods and a launch of an alternative fuels laboratory, focusing specifically on analysis of hydrogen conforming to the ISO standard, in partnership with a certified laboratory based in London.