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Grupa Azoty features in 12th edition of RESPECT Index
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On December 12th 2018, the Warsaw Stock Exchange announced the composition of the RESPECT Index in its 12th edition. The Index comprises 31 companies, including two newcomers. Grupa Azoty S.A. has been included in the elite group of socially responsible companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange ever since the Index’s inception.
'Grupa Azoty raises its standards of responsible business and continues to develop together with the RESPECT Index. The four largest Grupa Azoty Group companies, namely Grupa Azoty S.A., Grupa Azoty PUŁAWY, Grupa Azoty POLICE and Grupa Azoty ZAK, are subject to the RESPECT Index survey every year. In addition to the honour of being included among Poland’s corporate social responsibility leaders, the RESPECT survey gives us inspiration to set ourselves new sustainable development goals,’ said Wojciech Wardacki, President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty. 

The Respect Index includes Polish and foreign companies listed on the WSE Main Market which conduct their business adhering to the highest standards in terms of corporate governance, corporate disclosure discipline, and investor relations, as well as environmental, social, and labour-related matters. 

The new composition of the RESPECT Index will be effective as of December 27th 2018
Grupa Azoty in the FTSE4Good Indices
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Grupa Azoty S.A. received a Certificate of Membership in the FTSE4Good Index Series. The indices were reviewed in June 2018.
Grupa Azoty S.A. qualified for inclusion in the FTSE4Good Emerging Index in December 2016, joining the group of companies reporting their environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG) practices. In October 2017, FTSE Russell reclassified Poland from an Emerging market to a Developed market. 

To be included in an FTSE4Good index, each company is thoroughly assessed against a best practice framework with regard to the environmental, social and corporate governance performance. The certification confirms that the company meets high quality requirements and thus its shares can be purchased for most investment and pension fund portfolios. 

The FTSE4 Good Index Series are created by FTSE Russell, a global index provider, to measure the investment performance of companies reporting ESG activities. The indices are used extensively by a wide variety of market participants when making decisions based on the best responsible investment practices. FTSE4Good has been an index of the London Stock Exchange since 2001. 
‘Top quality investor relations activities addressed to retail investors’
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From May 25th to May 27th 2018, the Individual Investors Association held the 22nd WallStreet investor conference. Bringing together several hundred participants, the event, taking place in Hotel Gołębiewski in Karpacz.
An inseparable part of the WallStreet conference was the Shareholding Fair attended by several dozen listed companies, including Grupa Azoty S.A. During the evening gala Grupa Azoty S.A. received an award for ‘top quality investor relations activities addressed to retail investors’. 

“This is a yet another recognition for our Company’s investor relations efforts. The award’s value lies in the fact that it comes from retail investors. This year, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Company’s IPO. When Grupa Azoty S.A. was first listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2008, it declared its commitment to an open information policy. I am glad to see our activities being regularly recognised,” said Paweł Łapiński, Vice President of the Management Board of Grupa Azoty S.A., accepting the distinction on behalf of the Company. 

“We were pleased to award the distinction for high quality of investor relations to Grupa Azoty S.A. Since the very beginning of its presence on the WSE, Grupa Azoty S.A. has been one of those companies which set the highest standards in investor relations. Thanks to the Company’s numerous communication activities, retail investors have wide access to information and can on a regular basis contact the Management Board, whether directly or by means of remote communication,’ said Bartosz Dziemaszkiewicz, Vice President of the Management Board of the Individual Investors Association, in a justification for awarding the distinction to Grupa Azoty S.A.